What to do with my vegbox!

Simon, as always is on the hunt for ways of assisting you get the most out of your weekly veg. We came up with an idea for a new weekly blog to help, encourage and hopefully inspire you with your veg boxes. Each week we will pick a veg box and come up with some new recipes and ideas to help you use up your veg, and let you know about the very best that Riverford has to offer, to ensure you get the most out of your delivery as possible.

Medium veg box_less roots_18may2015

This week I started with a Medium Veg Box (less roots). It is an exciting time of year with so many new veg and fruit coming available every day now. Gorgeous bunched carrots and onions, tender baby spinach, new season’s UK asparagus and crisp little gem lettuces to name but some.

I will post the recipes and photos separately.